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Our work is based on planning and executing events from A to Z. We can provide the following services:




From a fleeting idea to a finished concept: We assist our clients in defining goals, building a framework, developing content and expression, and managing the finances for a planned project. 




Our project managers have extensice experience in developing and executing very large and complex projects. It is with great dedication and knowledge of event execution that our project managers create security and progress in the project. 




Our skilled production managers maintain control at all stages of the event, from the first person arrives, until the last person goes home. Every detail is focused on; our production managers are totally committed and represent your safe point of contact throughout the entire event. 



Dramaturgical construction and direction are just as important at large conferences as at a formal reception or dinner. We have the direction and structure as a basic focus in everything we do. 




Which artists are right to book for the event, which host will we choose, and who is the best speaker for this theme? We will advise you during the programming phase of the project and use our expertise and network to give you good advice on whoever fits the best for your event.




Building a technical production with sound, lights, screens, projectors and possibly a camera production, is an important element in many event productions. We work with regular subcontractors to find innovative and exciting technical solutions for your event.




When something is to be projected to a screen during an event, we work with our customers to plan and develop all the content together. Graphic elements, video productions, expressions and transitions - everything is programmed and planned ahead of the event, to create a professional look where your corporate profile and identity is the sender.




Hotels, buses, catering, stage, technical equipment, decor, security, hospitality - there are infinitely many small details one must think of for a big event. Our experience contributes to all small and large items being in the right place - at the right time. 




Everyone who has invited a large number of participants to an event knows that keeping track of invitations, registrations, accommodation, food allergies, activities and payment, is a large job. We manage all participants for you, and provide good customer service to them, both before and during the event.




Large events often have a significant cost framework, and it is very important to keep control. We have never delivered an event where the final records did not match the budget - thanks to a keen focus on cost control during the project and the financial management expertise of our employees.




Are you considering planning a big event without being certain of who, when, where and what? We help many of our customers with a pre-project to clarify the desired framework and opportunities, and to provide a much better basis for deciding whether to implement the project. 




The guests’ experience of hosting and service is central in any project, and an important focus for us in the planning and implementation of events. We have been working with customising service to all guests with special needs within security and VIP management, and we have handled hosting the Royal Family, ministers of state and big artists.




We have a large network and knowledge of artists within all genres and levels of cost. In recent years we have worked with artists such as Kygo, Sondre Lerche, Lars Vaular, Morten Abel, Ronan Keating, Madcon, Gabrielle, Alan Walker, Sigrid Moldestad, Ingrid Andsnes, Morten Harket, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Lisa Stokke, Real Ones, Datarock, Violet Road, Terje Isungset, 9 Grader Nord, Fargespill and many, many more. 




We regularly produce major tour productions around Norway, and have great expertise within technical planning, travel logistics and artistic facilitation. 


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