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A conference is a unique opportunity for an academic update, inspiration, motivation - and last but not least a great place to meet other like-minded people and to expand your network. We work with our clients to develop the content and program for the conference, and to create the ideal meeting arena. All the technical equipment must be in perfect working condition, the speakers need to be well taken care of, and all of the participants need to have an excellent experience. Before the event we help our clients with all of the practicalities - and during the execution of the event, our professional team will make sure that everything goes according to plan. We also contribute with our knowledge of new technology, and creative input for ideas which will take your event to the next level. 
Below we list some moments from different conferences we have produced. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you with your next conference!



Vestlandskonferansen brings leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and students together in a space to discuss the development of Western Norway. 

The theme for 2019 was "A greater day. Around the world for value creation"

Participants: 1,600

Speakers: 55

Our client is Sparebanken Vest



Overflate is a big conference for surface treatment, with participants from 7 countries. In addition to lectures and a scientific program you will find the Overflate Expo in the Grieg hall, with over 30 exhibitors showing products and services relevant for the industry.


Participants: 300

Speakers: 40

Our client is NKF Bergen



Ignite er et springbrett for banebrytende ideer innen industry og teknologi. 

Konferansen inneholder parallellsesjoner for ulike tema innen digitalisering av industri, samt en stor utstilling. 

Konferansen avholdes i Oslo.

Besøkende: 900

Foredragsholdere: 56

Oppdragsgiver er Cognite




The Christie conference is the University of Bergen's (UiB) most important meeting place for academia and society.

Participants: 250

Speakers: 20

Our client is UiB

NMD Solveig og K min.jpg


The Nordic Media Festival is the biggest media conference in the Nordic countries. The conference reflects international media trends, innovation, and future visions from the industry, as well as being a unique networking arena.


Participants: 1,800

Speakers: 100

Our client is Nordiske Mediedager

IMG_2353 (1).JPG


A psychology congress over four days with participants from 29 countries.

Participants: 750

Speakers: 20

Our client is IPR



MCB Tech is a technology conference with a series of international speakers from 7 countries. 

Participants: 300

Speakers: 15

Our client is Media City Bergen




Barneuniversitetet, or the children's university, is a conference in the University Aula for students from the 6th grade. 

Participants: 275

Speakers: 6

Our client is UiB

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