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We can offer a complete solution for digital productions, either for individual productions or for larger projects. We will work directly with you to clarify needs and find the most optimal technical solution for each individual event, whether it is fully digital or partly with a physical audience.
In recent months, we have seen major changes and adjustments in the needs of both organizers and audiences, and we have carried out both large and small productions digitally. Here are some examples of what we have done in the past few months:
  • Welcome ceremony UiB, August 2020 . 70 physical participants, 3,000 digital viewers.
  • Medieprisene 2019 awards in September 2020. 70 physical participants, 2,000 digital viewers.
  • TV 2 internal launch in May 2020 from the studio in Oslo, fully digital live broadcast
  • Norwegian Cognitive Center, web meeting from Media City Bergen, August 2020
Each production must be tailored to your needs for the best possible result.
Examples of what can be offered are
Digital meeting:
  • Up to 300 people (can be increased to 1000)
  • Full two-way video communication
    • Up to 50 participants visible on screen at any one time
    • Can also be used with one-way video / two-way audio or audio only
  • Participants can join via PC, tablet or phone
  • Viewing presentations, and sharing screens and apps
    • Both from the chair of the meeting and single participants / external participants
  • Votes (up to 25 votes per meeting)
  • Possibility of dividing into several digital meeting rooms
  • Comments and questions on chat
  • Both web and app solutions
  • Full recording of the digital meeting, including storage of chat comments
Multi-camera productions:
  • Professional studio solutions in Bergen and Oslo in collaboration with our good partners in Bright Group and Media City Bergen
  • Mobile studio
  • Production on premises with camera equipment installed, supplementation of equipment if necessary
  • Recordings at different locations
We work with vendors offering camera equipment of high quality and qualified technical manpower and choose the supplier we believe are most optimal for your needs.
Whether it is an award ceremony, annual meeting, webinar or conference, we can help you find the best digital solution for you. Contact us and we can definitely help!
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