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Christine Sandtorv

Christine Sandtorv is known as the former lead singer and song writer of the band Ephemera, who released five albums from 1996 to 2004. She has, amongst others, written the hit song “Girls keep secrets in the strangest ways”.


Since her time in Ephemera, Christine Sandtorv has created her own “Stjerneteller”-universe, and has won Spellemann awards, several years in a row!

Christine’s music is chock full of catchy favourites, and she will give you dance, fun, play and serious feelings - all in one experience! Being a child in the charming “Stjerneteller”-universe reminds them that the world is more than just screens and keyboards, and at the same time represents a moving view of being a parent.


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Sandtorv 3 Fotograf er Dyveke S. Nilssen
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